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7 +1 UU Principles
Ready to explore the UU Principles? 

Below are the activities for each one. You can go in order or pick and choose! 

Our very own Randy Springer wrote a musical in 2009 based on Dr. Seuss’ book “Horton Hears a Who.” At the end of the story, a boy inspires others to action by reciting the seven principles --in reverse order! Can you imagine why?

Respecting the web that is interdependent,
Creating a world that’s with justice resplendent.
Counting the ballot in each voting booth,
Responsibly searching for meaning and truth.
With spiritual growth in Whu Whu congregations,
Compassion and fairness in all our relations.
And finally, the one that I like best of all.
A person’s a person, no matter how small.

1st Principle

Respect the worth and dignity of each person

2nd Principle

Offer fairness and kindness to one another

3rd Principle

You and I grow wiser and brighter together

4th Principle

Goodness and curiosity guide our search for truth


Gearing Up!

Start here for an overview and introduction. 


5th Principle

By listening deeply and deciding together, we make better choices


6th Principle

I join you as we work for peace, freedom, and justice


7th Principle

Value and care for the web of life, the home we share with all life

Helping Hand Badge

8th (Unofficial) Principle

Build the Beloved Community, free of racism and oppression 

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