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Chalice Challenge

Alarm Clock

Chalice History​ 


Either as a family or by yourself read the history of the chalice that is the symbol of our Unitarian Universalist faith. On the What's something that you (and your family) learned that you didn't know before?


Coloring Pages​ 

Print out and color this chalice. What colors is your chalice?

Old Fashioned Film Camera

Record Yourself

Record a video of you saying “We light this chalice” and have your adults send it to Jamili ( We may use it during our online worship at church! (Be sure you have their permission to post it on YouTube. They can get in touch with Jamili if they have questions.

Make a Chalice


Make a chalice. Using materials you find around the house make a chalice that can hold a candle (a regular candle or an LED candle). Need some inspiration? Check out this video and see their creativity! 

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